Thursday, 26 November 2015

Imperial Knight - Cerastus in manufactorum pt 12

Next level? I think so. I couldn't help myself and did another load of damage on the right shin pad and I think I did a much better job than my first attempt.

It's definitely helped mitigate my less than stellar litany efforts. I did however become unstuck because there are supposed to be house Raven decals on that red side and obviously I've now covered it with damage I don't want to cover up and then have to re-apply/blend in. So I think I'll abandon following the heraldry too closely. I suppose I already did that with the white stripes.

I also applied a bit of very bright yellow [not sure which VGC one it is]. Although I was loving the realism of the Tau Sept Ochre my love of high contrast means this captivates me much more now. Although I think I managed to be much subtler with the application than normal.

And so I had to add it to the carapace stripes too. I also added some litany script, which quite frankly I'm just relieved will be mostly hidden by his shoulder pad

I was a little rougher with the application because there's no texture on this edge, trying to paint in some where it doesn't exist. It's passable, and again although the griminess has gone, I still really like it.

As you can see the shoulder pad does cover some of the litany. It looks a little misplaced on it's own, I feel the two panels either side would benefit from some script but being less than impressed with it so far I don't feel too compelled to add anymore disappointment in that aspect.

Here's the other side, where a Titan marking is equally MEH! For one aspect I was always so happy with on the Dark Angels and my Reaver Titan it's just failing here and I'm not sure why.

The shin pad in-situ

I think it's time to try some decals next. Haven't used them in years and part of me doesnt want to - given the freehand nature elsewhere, but they're so nice I feel it would be rude not to.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Dark Angel Objective markers

I made another decision. Despite being perfectly happy with my force field pylon objective markers I decided to do the force field glow effect on the generators. I planned to add glow effects on the Knight so it made sense to recreate the effect I did for my Plasma weaponry to see how it would look. I know that sounds odd as my Plasma guys clearly illustrate how, but I needed more reassurance.

I wasn't 100% convinced this time around. I'm not sure it looks like a glow and more like yellow discs.

With that doubt in mind I added a little more orange inside the creases of the discs.

I think this is more what I was after, it's less defined as an object but I think more realistc as a source of lighting.

I also applied the same effect to the plasma coils in the Teleport homers. Obviously I did them completely differntly to how I did Plasma coils on my weponry but nevermind.

I'm less convinced of the beacon lights but I'm hoping Tamiya Clear Red X-27 may lift them up. The OSL works, it's just the lights themselves that look a bit flat.

Nearly there though and then I can tick them off. Still no idea how to number them, there realy isn't space to put a numeral and even then it'd look slapped on after adding the SFX now :(

The question is do I go with the yellow/orange glow as above [when there's already yellow on the chevrons so it may look confusing] or, do I go with the green glow I did on my Epic Reaver titan?

What do you think? I'm not even sure if this was the final iteration of the orange plasma, maybe that's it, less yellow/white moar orange.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

'nids part 180 - Stealing bases

As I keep finding myself painting bits of the Cerastus when I should be waiting to add the decals which then cover those bits I've gone slightly off pist. It's only slightly as my 30 Genestealers are on my To Do List. However, they are by no means a priority, but they are easing my hobby compulsion. As other projects stall and take steps back once again it is the familiar that can deliver that feeling of progress and if I manage these 30 Genestealer this year that's no mean feat in itself.

Really I just wanted to get the bases done. They'd already been shadow washed and all I was doing was dry/wet brushing them with Vermillion. I did all 30 bases and left them to dry. Even if thats the extent of my efforts it's one element of their completion done. I expect to finsih all the Red Planet Base up to the Bonewhite chips. Then if I consider further progress I'll probably chunk them into three groups of ten or even six groups of five. 30 is far too much for batch painting for me, not a problem just on the bases but the actual models are far too time consuming to commit to 30 in one sitting.

10 would be my limit and each colour application would be a nights work but I if I can get my head back into the Cerastus the units of five would be better as it would not represent the bulk of my nights efforts, that really should be on the priority - the knight

I painted some other bits as well, tidied up my force pylons but they're in another post.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Blog Wars X Painting competition pics

The Blog Wars painting competition was up to it's usual high standard. Of course I knew what Liam and Otty were bringing but there weere some really good entries from other people too but my mates efforts did cause some people not to display because they didn't see the point. Which although I don't agree with, because if you've painted an army you should show it off, but I do understand people may feel it's pointless. Hypocritically I didn't display my army either. I'd intended to, but not to compete but as I may game finished dead on 2 hours 30 I really couldn't bring myself to set everything up when I had lunch, keeping up with the family at home and buying my Vargheist.

I did take pictures though and I know Alex wanted better ones if they were available as Liam did all his best army shots and was unfamiliar with the camera. In fairness lighting was pretty grim so I'm not sure my shots are an improvement but I may have caught some angles and shots Liam didn't, so enjoy.

This Dark Mechanicum army was fantastically creepy

Best painted special character category.