Thursday, 11 February 2016

Dark Angels - Deathwing Knights

I popped into the shed with my Void Shield Generator with every intention of 'icing' it with tile adhesive only to find all of it had dried out. With all my projects straing at me with dead soulless eyes I promptly ignored them all and went completely off list. I mean there are no Deathwing Knights on my To Do List whatsoever, I suppose I could justify them as part of 1,850 functioning army but I'm reaching. Bottom line all that expansion box needs to be done, the urge came upon me and I worked on it. So I was chuffed, even if this represents one night's work [90 minutes?]

I also looked at the basing, wanting to make them even more imposing with slate and managing to source some pieces that really emphasise some of the more dynamic poses. I have another idea for how to enhance their bases - lots of grasping shattered Genestealer arms and body parts littering the floor. It'll look like they're making a last stand in the rocks killing all and sundry... or like I just stuck a load of random bits on the ground, we'll just have to see.

The following night I spent another session just gluing the models to the base. I started off pinning them then just gave up after the second as it was too much faffing. Straight Super Glue Gel to the base. Then I attached the Mace's aiming for more dynamic poses - about to strike down from high with furious vengeance. Most Knight look pretty static but I was surprised how energetic looking I was able to get with these. Out the window went my rule to keep things contained so as transportation is easier.

I'll be looking into painting the shields separately in most cases, otherwise they'll cover parts I need to paint. Also you can see from the above picture my idea with the Stealer claws... I'm not sure it works. It reminds me of how Otty can put all sorts of nid nits on his bases and it looks unnaturally alien and makes some sort of sense but as soon as I try it looks like I just stuck a spare bit on the base. I think if there was more room and I could fit a torso on or something it'd work but I think I'm better off just going simple.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Alpha Legion!

Don't worry, I haven't snuck in a totally random side project. I was looking on ebay and one of the German sellers that tends ot have a lot of Tyranid bits had these amazing Alpha Legion auctions up. I was immediately struck by the Red Planet BASE! - so simple and effective, red, wash, red and bleached static grass clumps. The Alpha Legion really works against that base.

There are also some pretty cool scouts too, those head-swaps make them look really creepy and the red cloaks do a grand job of helping camouflage them.

There's also two lots of Terminators, I think the pics may have go all mixed up though but they're really cool with some extensive use of third party components by the looks of it but they're not deminished in any way because of it.

Interesting column/steps the Commander is mounted upon.

No connection with these auctions at all, just wanted to save them for posterity and share them with you guys.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

'nids part 184 - Tyranid Void Shield Generator part 5.

With these scratchbuilds there are a number of elements that I would consider 'obstacle to progress' but in reality are actually quite simple tasks that only require an evenings effort to achieve. As such that should be quite rewarding - I fill all the plastic out with PVA's tissue paper and by the end of the night the job is done the next part begins and I should be happy.

Unfortunately I have to get through the tissue and PVA process, which is yucky and I don't like it so it becomes a hurdle but in this case I was still motivated from overcoming the chitin plate obstacle and hopefully the momentum will carry me through the icing and sculpting stage too. As you can see I was a little creative with the tissue, using an old brush cleaning paper towel that really was only good for the bin but I've been using it for so long I thought it better to enshrine it within the structure.

I did use a load of tissues that came from a coffee shop which mashed up much better in the water and PVA. I guess there really is a difference between tissue and paper towel consistency [I know how obvious that sounds, but it's worth noting].

You can really see the difference on the other side of the spine, this has become more like papier mâché than glued paper. I'm going to be covering it all up anyway so it doesn't matter but if your sculpting skill aren't great that's two different option of how to detail your model. The paper towels make an effective musculature, I'm sure with a few successive coats of PVA you could easily just paint it red, cover it in Tamiya Clear Red X-27 and it'd look awesomely disgusting. Alternatively the tissue makes a different, more mineral looking finish that could be equally effective.

The smaller supports will also have fleshy joins to the main battlements. This is something I considered on the Bastion but never did, having the bone walls join directly to the Chitin towers, but for this I'm going to have exposed flesh between the armour plates and the walls.

And just because here's a close up of the paper towels, that really looks like some fibrous meaty musculature. You probably could even get away with not painting it, it's already got some crazy colours going on.

And again at this point I'm wondering should I have prepared the second one...? Next up - lets ice this sucker!

Monday, 8 February 2016

Moar pics from GW Manchester

I felt a bit bad that I'd posted some sparse hobby shop pictures recently so when I nipped to GW Manc to try and resolve my intermediary brass metal issue I thought I'd try and remebdy that. First up I remebered to take shots of the WiP fantasy... sorry Sigmar galleon

Thats a lot of clothes pegs and coffee stirrers, not to mention actual GW marketing materials.

I got anothe rpic of this amazing Spawn of Cryptus.

These Knights are so awesome.

The checks were brilliant and the weathering subtle but higghly effective and well applied.

I thought the diamond formation for the banner was particularly ingenious, something I may steal myself. I was also impressed with the banner pole, very reminiscent of th eoriginal banner poles for the Epic Reaver Knights. I asked what it was made from and there was a significant list of bits so whether I can replicate it down the line we'll see...

They make a pretty impressive army.

Some Space Mongrels.

Iron Hands, sorry about the blur, the display was rotating at the time.

To be honest I only really took the pictures because of Red Planet BASE!

This Knight was also quite interesting. There was a subtle camo pattern built into the grey.

Close up I'm not sure it's the best quality in the world [no disrespect] but there is definitely a level of skill in that pattern and the spotting that's been applied. But it's also heavily influenced by the War Griffons so I really like that.

Some pretty standard Necrons, but dark Red Planet BASE! makes them look awesome. It's a different way to do it but it really works, so versatile.

Alternatively Martian Iron Eath gives you a different take on Red Planet BASE! , so versatile.

I don't know what chapter this is but it was pretty striking and consistent.

It looks like the store's hive fleet - the green one has had some reinforcements with the blue [Fleshborer Hives FTW]

mmm, gribbly